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ENZO MOMENTS is a company that works in a sophisticated and refined way that will provide you with unique moments in your party.

The artists have the apt glamor and with the desired level to correspond to their expectations.


Bachelorette parties

Do you want to organize the best bachelorette party ?

You are in the right place.

Here in enzo events you can request the artist of your choice.

Talk to us, say what you want, what we do.

Event to suit you

Increase the heat in your event with gentlemen adapted and prepared to what you want at your party. We wish sexy employees, savior swimmers in the pool, delivery of pizza or sushi to the home with one of our sexy artists, we have everything here. Talk with us.

In ENZO MOMENTOS you will be in good hands

We recruit the best artists and we are all over the country

With us we have

Strip artists, dancers, models, entertainers, musicians, singers among others.


Our main priority is to check the talent, the image and have the necessary requirements to be a moMent enZo. Our artists went through an interview in which they verified the entire profile.

Constant improvement

We work for women and also for men, we are demanding and we always want to be better, that's why we work daily with our artists to evolve and respond to their expectations.

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