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"Homens de fato á disposição da noiva em Despedida de Solteira "

What do you want to hire for your party?

He was the person chosen to organize the party, so he will not disappoint his friends.

Hiring here at ENZO MOMENTS we help.

How to make the reservation

1.Contract an Artist ENZO MOMENTS

To hire one of our artists, send your reservation with the details of the event. You can update it, as your event approaches.

2.Artista ENZO MOMENTS is coming

Your confirmation email sent by us, will include all the details of your event.

One of our assistants will contact you to request the details of the address where they are.

4.Experience ENZO MOMENTS

Send us your comments, although we guarantee that everything will run as you wish, your opinion is fundamental for us, so let's contact again to tell your experience.

3.The festival is celebrated

The artist ENZO MOMENTS arrives at the place in the character you want, he will be at your disposal during the contracted time.

Prices and services

Stripetease Artist

Performance of bands with fantasy to choose.
Duration of the show 12 to 16 min.

Value: 200e + travel expenses

Other services

Get your experience in the ENZO MOMENTS brand, in any type of party or commemorative event, be it in the pool, special surprise to the bride / groom, divorce party, or birthday. Delivery of Sushi by a beautiful sailor, or delivery of Pizza, sexy waitress, to participate in fun games with the group, or for a special, more discreet coexistence.

Everything you want, we will have, adapting to your needs.

Tips: attractive employee 

•    Presents at the party with a special toast for the main lady.

•    Serve drinks, ensuring that no one's glass is empty

•    Available for a photo shoot, take pictures of the group and provide fun times.

•    Black pants dress, black shoe, cuffs and bow, to be sexy at the party


Hourly value: 150e + travel expenses

Do you have another idea?

Send us an email or contact us for the mobile

(+351) 916 816 519 and customize your package

outros eventos

Frequent questions

"Homens elegante prontos a servir a noiva"

How to go to you:

Chose your artist ideal moments Enzo, will be for you, from north to south of Portugal and the islands, depending on the payment of the transport fee previously calculated between the two places.

And how can I choose the artists?

After sending us an email or calling

which describes what you want for your event, we present the best suggestions that are available, or you can leave on your own, after all the surprise is half the fun. Do not worry, all our artists are evaluated and have a high caliber talent.

"Equipa de homens de fato ao serviço da noiva"

I want to have a Strip show, but I want something magical, I do not want banality, what will you use?

For us a strip show, it is not banality, it is a spectacle that combines, dance, sensuality, always with professionalism, that's why only some of the team are enZo moMents. The artist will use the fantasy appropriate to the performance that is identified with his event.

Homens de fato acompanhando a noiva em evento especial"

And if hire another service at the time?

If it is hot, our artist arrives with a suitable dress, always sexy. If there is a theme party, it corresponds to that theme, such as Hawaiian, less clothes or even Gladiator for example.

"Evento de Despedida de solteira na piscina"

And if we want at the moment more a strip show or more time from another service?

If the artist does not have other reservations then you can extend your time by contacting us and activating the extra fee in both services.

"Homem de máscara em Despedida de solteira"

If there is a problem during the event?

ENZO MOMENTS relies fully on its artists, because each one gives proof of excellence, however, if you feel that one of our artists has gone beyond the request or desired by itself, get in touch with us, our goal is to satisfy our customers.

"Despedida de Solteira com homens á disposição"

Still have doubts?

Contact Us

(+351) 916 816 519 

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